Chris, it was a pleasure to meet you on Thursday and I have been enjoying your book ever since. I am taking note of all the tips for Sunday’s race!

Moscow in May 2014

Michael in Moscow in May 2014

As discussed, I came up with the idea to run a race in every summer Olympic city. I set myself the challenge at the end of the London 2012 Olympics and tasked myself with completing by the start of the Rio 2016 Olympics. That’s 23 cities in 4 years…

So I am running the City2Surf as my Sydney run and next weekend I head to Melbourne for a half marathon to tick that city off the list. I live in London so it is a lot of travelling but has been fun.

I have a blog which documents the cities I have done so far (15…Sydney and Melbourne will be 16 and 17 respectively)

It has other events I have done too and I will be updating it with Sunday’s events shortly after the race. There is also a link to an interview I did for a running website which will give you more info!

Anyway I hope you find my story interesting and if you want more information let me know.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Kind regards,



Yes, I found your story fascinating and I loved your description of running in the City2Surf. Congratulations on your time of 55 minutes 51 seconds. Pretty good from the back of the pack.




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