bob stuart

City2Surf Legend Bob Stuart

by Deanna French

Every 2nd Sunday of August for as long as I can remember, my family have known exactly where they will be.  That is, either running with Dad or waiting for him at North Bondi Surf Club.

What an accomplishment, to have run every City2Surf!  Through the sun, the wind and rain, he’s seen it all.  This of course wouldn’t have happened without the assistance of my Mum. Although not running, she has planned her days and weeks around this for a my whole life.

Thinking back to the Parsley Bay picnics after City to Surf as a child puts a smile on my face.

As an adult, it’s been sitting back with a drink in hand with the family at North Bondi Surf Club that puts that same smile on my face.

Last year was extra special with 3 generations running.  The look on Dad’s face seeing all his grandchildren there to greet him, PRICELESS!

Now, living in Brisbane, it is still a tradition that my husband and I get the kids to Sydney for the 2nd Sunday of August.

Bring on 2014!


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