My girlfriends and I love running and enjoy our yearly trip from Melbourne to Sydney to compete in the city to surf. It’s not all about the running its about the crazy fun and laughs we have along the way!!

I am an Essendon supporter my husband follows Geelong! I love James Hird. My husband  gets jealous and stirs me he reckons he looks like Cameron Ling. No way I say “James hasn’t got red hair”!

On our way to the city to surf in Sydney sitting in the airport lounge is Cameron ling. my friend suggests getting a photo with him and sending it to my husband. Mark (my husband) would never believe that you would get a photo with Cameron Ling said my friend. So we ask him and he really nicely and he obliges.

I send the photo of Cameron to my husband with the words i don ‘t look like James Hird!! After we get the photo I think maybe his not as bad as I thought.

We get on the plane and I start reading the woman’s weekly. the first page I open up to is a photo and story about Cameron ling surfing! I show my four girlfriends and we have a chuckle as we just meet him! What a coincidence!

Then one of my friends writes I don’t look like James Hird on his surfboard in the magazine!

In the meantime we are thinking of a new name for our team!  I suggest Team Lling! We all laugh but agree this is a good choice!

Before the run we decorate our  bright yellow T-shirts with drawings of Cameron Ling and the wording Team Ling!

Whilst  running the Sydney’s City2Surf everyone loves our T-shirts and we get quite a lot of attention and comments! (Especially AFL supporters)

Team LingWe are 5 girls who fly from Melbourne to compete in this event every year we have so much fun! We are all over 40 and usually win a medal in the team
veteran category!

On the way home in the airport getting our luggage we run into Cameron Ling again. Can you believe it? We talk and laugh about this guy for the
whole weekend. My girlfriend goes up to him and shows him the T-shirts and explains that we named the team after him. He was really nice and took the time to talk to us but was probably thinking “what the”!

Guess it was just one of those weekends when you had to be one of the girls! I have never laugh and enjoy my city to surf weekend as much as that one!


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