When I first approached Steve Moneghetti with the idea of writing a book about the City2Surf he was most supportive and happy to go out of his way to spend time with me, as too were Rob De Castella, John Farrington, Andrew Lloyd and others.

When the book was almost finished, I caught up with Steve in Melbourne to show him a draft of the book before it went to the print. He had written a terrific foreword and I didn’t want the book going to print without him seeing what it would look like.

We had a great chat over coffee (which he insisted on paying for). It was great to reminisce with Steve about the City2Surf in the ’80s and ’90s and to chat about elite athletes of the 1970s and today.

Steve has a great passion for the City2Surf, not because he has held the race record since 1991 (40:03) but because of what the event has achieved by way of promoting community health fitness, which was one of the organising committee’s primary goals in 1971.

‘The City2Surf is one of the world’s great runs. It is one of those events that you have to tick off the bucket list.’

When I mentioned that most people say they love the atmosphere and the spectacular view, he looked a little miffed, ‘The atmosphere is fabulous but I don’t think I’ve ever scene the scenery!’ he quipped.

Life is different at the front of the pack 😉

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