The Untold Story Of The City2Surf

An inspirational journey into the history of Australia’s premier fun run

About the Book

Please share your City2Surf experience

This site is managed by Chris Edwards, author of 'Begin With The End In Mind: The Untold Story Of The City2Surf

Runners Stories

How many times have you done it? Do you run, walk, jog, wear a costume? What do you love about it? Have you overcome challenges? What’s your best story?

Volunteers Stories

How long have you been a volunteer? Why do you do it? Tell us about your experiences?

Health and Fitness

Has the City2Surf helped change your attitude to fitness? Do you use the event as a training goal? Do you have an unusual training regimen? Has it made a difference to you and if so in what way?

Charity Stories

The City2Surf has helped us raise millions for worthwile charities. Please tell us your charity story? How much was raised? What was it used for? Why do you choose to support your charity?

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